Stealing time from lunch ...

... to blog. It's been such a hectic week that this is the first time I've been able to sit down and post. I promised to tell Patch's story, so here it is.

Patch came to us as a kitten 1 year 1 month and 16 days ago. And when I say "came to us", I mean it - she found us, not the other way around. I woke up one Saturday morning to find my mother complaining about some cat having taken a dump on our doormat. When I went out to investigate, I realised it was the same kitten that I had seen just the day before at the ground floor - and we live 17 stories up!

My wife and I both figured that any kitten that could climb 17 stories (or had the intelligence to take the lift!) was probably meant to stay, in some mysterious fated way. And so it was that Patch came into our lives.

We called her Patch because she had a bad case of ringworm when she found us, and there was a proiminent bald patch on her back (it would later be joined by one on her head as well). It took us a few months to get rid of the ringworm, but since then she's been a happy, if extremely introverted cat.

[how introverted? the last time the man came around to service our air-conditioning, Patch took one look, went under the bed, and only emerged gingerly 5 hours after he left]

Patch gets very lonely during the day: all of us (me, my wife K, and my mom) work, so Patch used to sit for hours staring out the window. Hopefully, Patch will get along well with Iffy (the new kitten) and they'll keep each other company.

(more about Iffy Anklebiter to follow)


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