"It's only 4, but it feels like 5", he said

It's raining (again) as I write this. Looking out from my window, I can see the rain sliding across my view in sheets as the wind pushes it. The only good thing I can say about this rain is that I'm not out in it at this moment.

I've spent a slow day at work, tidying various loose ends. Managed to get out of the office for a long jaunt at lunchtime, to do some window shopping, though all I managed to do was to get something for the wife. This morning as I put on my shirt, I realised that for some strange reason, the sleeves were too short - this, from a shirt that fit some months ago. Have my arms grown longer? Has the shirt shrunk? A mystery indeed. A call to buy more shirts perhaps? I feel the need to re-assert my consumer identity, so perhaps a shopping trip is in order after work, if for nothing but to break up the boredom of today.

On the gaming front, the Napnuts Forum has been the site of some interesting action recently,which should have died down as I write this. Suffice to say that lack of tact in an online forum always pushes a few buttons.


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