StraightTail the Stray

Originally uploaded by Wahj.
StraightTail is a stray cat we first met a month or so ago. An extremely sociable cat: she almost followed us into the lift and came home with us!

We haven't seen her for a while, but tonight she was playing in the field down below. She seems to have been spayed (ear is clipped) which is a good thing, and she's just as friendly as ever. It also seems that someone has been taking care of her: she barely touched the food and water we gave her.

I wonder if she is related to Iffy: they both seem to be of the same age, have similar temperaments, and similar face shape. For example, StraightTail was pouncing all over the field tonight, chasing things that presumably only a cat can see, and as I write this, Iffy is savagely attacking a plastic bag in similar manner.


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