Deepavali is upon us at last, and I can finally breathe easy.

I've been waiting for this break with increasing anticipation - things have been piling up in increasing degrees of shittiness, starting from Mild and going up to Throw In The Towel levels of fecal profundity.

The bright spot in this sullied week is the new iBook - all 12 inches of gleaming clean lucite whiteness, like a shiny white brick of pure Mac computer goodness, oozing comforting vibes from every rounded corner and streamlined edge.

If I've never said so before on this blog, I'll say it now: nothing beats a Mac for a truly human computing experience. All the PCs I've known have made me work around them, cursing and swearing: all my Macs (iBook being the third after the TiBook and the iMac) have made it easy be around them. I transfered my entire user account from my TiBook to the iBook with no problems at all - no need to dig up the whole chain of passwords and user ids for the internet account, or find my favourites and bookmarks from my browsers, or indeed even try and find the program files: just link the two computers with a firewaire cable, start the process, and 1 hour later (hey, I have a big home folder) I switch on the iBook, and resume computing as if I'd never changed computers. It's like coming home all over again.


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