I woke up this morning from a dream featuring an old friend, whom was struggling with the problem of suddenly having become the patron saint of teachers. Besides the fact that she was understandably worried about not knowing what the job involved (intercession in classroom managment? the miraculous marking of 300 scripts?), the rest of us in the dream were discussing the finer points of her sudden sainthood: was her being the patron saint of teachers an opt-in or opt-out patronage for the rest of us? - i.e. was she your patron saint unless you specifically said 'no', or only your patron saint if you specifically said 'yes'?

This was about the only coherent part of the dream I recall, and I'm guessing it's my Inner Bureaucrat asserting itself. Then again, this is the second time an issue of saints has popped up in my dreams - last week, Saint Anthony was the subject of a dream involving boats and ships. The scary thing is that I'm not even Catholic ...


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