One Year Old!

While mucking around with my template (decided to collapse the archives into a menu) I realised that Thirty Pounces is exactly one year old today! Here's a self-congratulatory (and self-referential) post to commemorate the first year of pouncing.

In one year of blogging, I have discovered that I have both a lot, and not much, to say. I have learned that while there is plenty I would like to say on my blog, there is even more that I shouldn't. I have also learned that most blogs are like this, after all. I have learned that sometimes it's better (easier?) to post a link, or a photo, in place of an actual opinion. Especially when you may not have one. That's suitable for the public. In one year of blogging, I have gone through three different methods to try and post photos, before finally settling on flickr. The blog template itself has been changed twice, and has only been completely screwed up once by my meddling with it. Blogger has only eaten one of my posts, which is not a bad track record.

So here's to another year of blogging ahead.


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