So here we are with time on our hands at last. Tomorrow, England face Australia in the Grand Finals, and though it's slightly mean, I hope England wins, simply because it would take the edge off losing - at least we'd have lost to the world champions. I'm also proud of the team because they fought a good fight - in a round where many proposition teams chose to run unfairly narrow definitions in order to get an edge over the opposition, we ran a hard but fair case, a fought bravely down the line, and lost to a better team. I still maintain that this team was world champion calibre - but then again, so are at least 4 other teams here, and someone has to be knocked out. I just wish it hadn't been us ...
vandalised sign
Vandalised Sign

We went on a long overdue shopping trip today, and took the public train. A relatively efficient system, though the warnings against vandalism are obviously not working ...


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