BK playing pool, originally uploaded by Wahj.

A shot from the pool game earlier tonight. I got knocked out of our informal competition quite early, so I had plenty of time to sit around and take photos. I don't suppose this counts as 'sport photography' though.

The long awaited weekend is finally here. Thank god.


Tym said…
Don't worry, the other competitors decided to take it all the way in a race to 11, which is yet to be completed, so the informal championship is adjourned till the next time we get together...

Now if only Boko had brought his own pool cue and then we'd have a portrait of him with his magic stick :)
oh yah - results so far? :-)
Terz said…
The scores so far...

Boko 5 v Wahj 2

Terz 5 v Ru 7

Boko 2 v Ru 4

Boko 6 v Terz 5

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