Wee Update

We've confirmed it was not an accident.

Yesterday evening, after I changed the duvet cover and washed it, I emerged from the toilet to find a fresh patch of pee on the same spot, this time on the bed sheet. That same night, as we were settling down to sleep, Twinkle climbed on top of the blanket (new covers, just replaced) and peed on the same spot (directly over where my tummy is), right in front of our eyes. After a lot of shouting and scolding from me (which she ignored, as all cats do) and another cleaning job, I wake up this morning to find another pee spot, in the same location.

Needless to say, I am getting quite fed-up with this. If anyone has any idea, or has any experience with this sort of behaviour from cats, please offer me some advice. In the meantime, I'm going to lock Twinkle out of the bedroom, the only problem being that all 3 cats have to be locked out of the bedroom, which is quite a feat: at least one of them tends to slip past the gauntlet. There is, as people have commented, always the snip solution, but I'd rather find a concurrent solution to what I believe is a behavioural problem.


Terz said…
Yeesh, you ought to know by now -- cats are as unfathomable as women... I still say *snip* :)
Terz said…
But seriously, spanking works sometimes, especially for some cats. They'll resent the hell out of you for a while, but they tend to remember and not commit the offending act again... unlike dogs.
Kay said…
Taken from http://www.mahonline.com/spay%20neuter2.htm

Why Spay a Cat ?

There are several advantages to spaying a cat.

1. A major advantage for most owners is the elimination of heat cycles and unwanted pregnancies. Female cats normally cycle from February to November each year. They come into heat approximately every 21 days and in the absence of male cats the heat will last 7 to 10 days. During their heat, most cats are very vocal and exhibit other obscure behaviors which are often distressing to the family. Some cats may even urinate around the house to mark their territory during their heat cycle.

2. Spaying eliminates the possibility of infection of the uterus. Such infections are not uncommon in mature cats and can be life threatening.

3. Heat-related behaviors such as urination outside the litter box, slight changes in temperament and appetite are eliminated by spaying.

4. It has been shown that cats spayed, especially prior to the first heat, have a lower incidence of breast cancer.

Disadvantage? Can't breed the cat. Are we planning to breed her?

I vote *snip*.
Anonymous said…
i say snip. Well just write out the pros and cons of snipping and see. The pros out weigh the cons..=)angela

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