Kite Flying 2

kite flying 2

Here's another photo of kite flying at Upper Peirce Reservoir, from last Sunday's excursion. I like the time-lapse effect: on the left, you can see the boy run down the slope, going after the kite that's grounded, and on the right you can see the pedestrians walking along the path. (click on the image for a larger picture)

Upper Peirce Reservoir is actually a dam (you can see the higher level of water on the right) and standing on the road there, you get the strange feeling of looking one way and thinking you're on the shore of a lake, and looking the other and thinking you're on top of a hill.

One of the problems I faced with this photo was that when it came time to put the montage together I had too many photos on the left and not enough on the right. I had followed the action when I was taking the photos which, on the left hand side, meant I had shots down the hill and of the kites above. On the right hand side, I had only a few shots down the road. In the end, I had to cheat a little by spreading the shots out on the right - you can see that the horizon line is not level. The same has happened to a lesser degree on the left: in order to keep the boy in view, the shore of the lower reservoir has been compressed slightly.

Ultimately, when I put these composite shots together, the aim is not to create a seamless large photo (like stitching a panorama together) but to try and show more than what's possible in a single static shot. In this photo, it's the sense of movement in the boy and the passersby. I haven't tried to go completely cubist yet, and show a subject from multiple angles (the montages are still shot from a fixed position), but it might be interesting to try that one day - to photograph a subject like a cubist painting, from multiple angles, and assembling them into a single image.


you know if you look southwest of this scene, there is a hill and it looks like there is a trail there or something. any idea how to get there, or what is there?
southeast. i meant southeast.
wahj said…
Not sure which direction you mean, but yes, there are trails leading from the site.

In the lower left of the picture, there is a trail leading from the short of Lower Peirce Reservoir into the jungle.

Across the bund is SICC's golf course. If I recall, you skirt the edge of the course and get into the jungle behind, which connects through to MacRitchie eventually: the hike you went for a while back is actually pretty close by to where this photo was taken.

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