17 views of one tree

17 views of one  tree
a wee bit larger ...

Continuing with my experiments in composite photographs, here are two experimental images. This one is made from 17 infra-red photos of a banyan tree on Fort Canning Hill (did I mention I love banyan trees?). I like the way it turned out, though the inherent messiness of the banyan tree's roots might add just a bit too much confusion to the image.


This next one didn't turn out quite as I hoped. Because I shot all the photos standing in one spot, the cannon's come out distinctly curved. This has not been a problem before with things like trees, but it just looks odd with cannons, and other things that the human mind wants to see as straight - so here's a lesson learned about this kind of image. The next time I do this, I'll move along the cannon as I shoot, keeping the camera square to the axis of movement.



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