"I can see my house from here!"

An old army buddy of mine told me about Google Earth recently. I've just downloaded it onto my computer at work (Google Earth is still not available for Mac ... grrrrr) and it's quite simply spectacular. Yes, I can see my house.

If you have Google Earth, try this: follow the little red dot that says "Singapore" (I'm sure it's nothing personal from the people at Google: every major site is marked by a red dot) as you zoom in on Singapore, and see where you end up. It turns out that the point they've chosen to mark as "Singapore" is at North 1 degree, 18'00.00, East 103 degrees, 50'00.00. Obviously chosen for numerical convenience more than anything else, since it's hardly the geographical centre of Singapore. In an interesting twist though, that's exactly next door to the Elections Department, on Princeps Street. I'm not sure what building that is, but it looks like one of the old shophouses. If you have Google Earth, take a look and see if you can find out what building that is that Google has decided to pin "Singapore" on.



Anonymous said…
From a combination of www.can.com.sg and google, it looks like the center of google earth Singapore is A Roomful of Blues, 72 Prinsep Street. =)

I love google earth. Try finding the Sphinx, Ground Zero, Angkor Wat, Ayer's Rock and the Shuttle Launch Pads at the Kennedy Space Centre. And mysterious Tyersall House off the Botanic gardens...

I can't seem to find Pedra Branca though. Oddly enough. :/
rescuedman said…
hey, blogspot made me anonymous.

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