Same Crane, all Grown Up Now

Working 9-5 means I don't really get many chances to get out and practice my photography. I like to shoot in daylight, and I especially like to shoot at sunset - it's golden and good in colour, and all glowy and luminous in infra-red. Leaving the office at 6pm doesn't really allow for much time to shoot at sunset.

This explains the large number of photographs of things I can see from my office - like this crane from the contruction site next door, which I blogged earlier this year.
crane in the rain

Well, he's all grown-up now:
crane again

It's the sky that caught my attention though. The site tops the park that I've been taking photographs of, and the same philosophy of preserving as many of the original trees on the hill as possible is evident.



ampulets said…
skies are quite fascinating, isn't it? Especially the clouds, comes in all forms and shapes. Did not know when I started it, but I have been staring at skies quite abit.

Wahj, your photos are great. should turn pro:)

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