Smoke Series: Colour

s curve inverted

This next series of shots were an experiment in manipulating the colour of the images. All of them use a variation of the same technique: create multiple layers, each with one dominant colour, and selectively (and slowly) erase parts of each layer away to reveal the colours underneath.

Horsehead Nebula

This reminds me somewhat of the crayon drawings I did in kindergarten, where we applied thick layers of crayon, and scratched away parts of the waxy layer to reveal colours underneath.


The funny structure you see in some of these shots is a funnel, which was used to direct the smoke. The image below shows an alternative version of the first image, without colour inversion.

s curve

Now that I've finally got the hang of this (I must admit half the reason I tried so hard was because it eluded me at first go, and I hate not getting it right) I'm going back to shooting IR for a while.

solar flares



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