SMS conversation with Ru

Of all the SMS conversations I've ever been in, the following series from Ru ranks as the weirdest.

Sometime yesterday afternoon.
Ru: Help! I'm stuck in Istanbul airport, my laptop won't start up. What to do?
Me: I can help you with the laptop, but not with being stuck in Ataturk airport.

General advice about laptops followed. I never did ask her why she was stranded in Turkey, but this is a 17 inch Powerbook we're talking about here - priorities.

A day later, I hear from her again
Ru: hey, my laptop is ok. seems it got switched on somehow during the flight. must have been the bloody turbulence when 1 of the aircraft engines died as well. thanks for your help yesterday!

At this point, all the other words blank out and all I see is aircraft engine died. Turns out her stopover in Istanbul was unplanned, due to said engine failure. Ru, safely in London by now, seems to have picked up a bit of pre-emptive stiff upper lip: when I asked her about the flight, her main complaint was that the food was horrible.

Me, I would've focused on the engine failure part more in my customer feedback form. I am officially now in awe of her garang-ness.


What a strange and lovely little story.

The engine died, but even worse, the food sucked.

It's so human, huh? We care more about how food tastes, than how long we live. Of course, death by plane crash is probably ideal, fast, glamorous, sensational. Better'n Alzies.

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