Surprise, surprise

A few days back, I got a surprise package in the mail (see here for explanation) - a free sample of miniatures from a guy in Hong Kong, for participating in a caption contest.

The real surprise, however, was the extra packaging the envelope came in:

"Re-packed Mail Item"? "damaged while in transit"? Eyebrows were raised. Closer inspection revealed this small tear in the envelope on the front:

Judging by the crease marks, someone pinched the envelope to make a small tear in it. The contents were not damaged in anyway at all (phew!) - here's a picture of the very cool "Terror-cotta Warrior Zombies!!" (the exclamation marks seem almost compulsory).

Terracotta Zombies!

I must confess: the first thought that came to my mind was the suspicion that someone had torn a hole in the envelope in order to check the contents. The tear is quite small, so if this was the case, a probe of some sort would have had to be inserted to check the contents. If so, I can only imagine the surprise of the person coming face to face with that in the midst of the envelope. = )

I'll be off in KL for the weekend, attending Gamecon. We're setting up a little exhibition of historical wargaming, and I've spent the past 3 days painting like mad to get the figures ready, leaving me little time for photography. Hopefully, I'll find some time in KL to do so, or at least photograph my very first games convention.


fatgoblin said…
oooo, shiney! some one needs to awaken Qin Shi Huang in some pulp campaign or another....

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