World Cyber Games Singapore


The WCG Grand Finals are being held in Singapore this year - which makes this a sort of jubilee bonus year for gamers here, what with the Cyberathletes Pro League being held here a few months earlier. I stitched together the photo above to try and give a sense of how large the gaming arena is, and how many people there were. Between this and the Sexpo (the other major event being held over the weekend), this was definitely the more exciting event: K and I went from the waste of time that was Sexpo directly to WCG, and the difference was startling (read K's post about it here).

WCG Panorama 2

Packrat and I went down this afternoon to gawk at the games and soak up the atmosphere. Packrat, I should say, is now officially now my bestest friend after he won a Razer Exactmat answering an audience quiz, and gave it to me since he already has one.



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