Bali, Day Two

Late to rise today, which meant that we missed the sunrise. Reading Tym's comments on the previous entry, I thought I should post some pictures of the room.

The aforementioned iPod mini is in the middle of frame here, just behind the pillows, docked to the Altec Lansing speakers.


The doors on either side of the bed lead out to the back garden,

back garden

where you can find ...

oudoor shower

... the shower, all open air and everything. It's nice to have nature so close to you - a bit too close to have it right there when you're showering and all (but hey). The garden/shower area has high walls for privacy, but is a bit gloomy as a result, as you can see - feels like one is staring from the bottom of a well.

Three Fronds of Fern 3

The pool here deserves its own set of photos: a truly spectacular view, with a drop right to the paddy fields. I haven't quite figured out how to take a good shot of it yet, but will try again tomorrow.

pool IR

I've started a flickr set for the pictures from this trip, which can be found here.



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