Iffy examines her own x-ray

Iffy examines her own x-ray, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Our cat gave us a bit of a scare last week, when she stopped eating and drinking, and started to throw up. More worryingly, Iffy also stopped drinking.

The vet thought she might have swallowed something that was blocking her gut, and sent her for an x-ray. You have to understand that all our cats are scaredy-cats, and so Iffy was incredibly traumatised by the visits to the vet: she'd fight us to stay out of the carrying cage, and be shivering and trembling with fear when in it.

Right after the x-ray, Iffy recovered on her own: we still don't quite know what caused the problem, but I'm just relieved she's alright.

I put her x-rays up on the window for her to examine, and took this photo of Iffy taking a close look at her own gut.


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