Pulau Dayang

the beach at dayang

To respond to the kind comments left by readers of the previous post:
Avalon: I look forward to seeing the paintings;
tscd: Yes, I wish the rest of me was that happy;
and Tym: Not a chance. = )

Instead of pictures of my gone-native, flakingburnedbrown tan, you get a nice photograph of the beach at Dayang. I mean, just look at that photograph: says it all doesn't it? White sand, green water, lush vegetation, mysterious rocks. Two random tourists included free of charge for a sense of scale, and you have the perfect beach scene.

Here's a few others.

This is how clear and beautiful the water was ...
clear water

... and this shows, no matter how clear and beautiful the water, someone will always mess things up by throwing rubbish into it. An empty cardboard carton that once contained beer. Bah.
beer floats

Finally, an IR shot of the sea around Dayang. Dive boat in the foreground, Pulau Lang in the left background.
boat and sea



avalon said…
Can I just go to Dayang without having to dive? Or is it absolutely dull if I just want to chill and tan and be resort-like.
Tym said…
Yeah, ditto avalon's question. I love the beach but I'm not really the diving type.

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