Report from the Maldives

Maldivian beach

We've been in the Maldives 4 days now. It's as lovely as they say it is. I'll let these two photos, one of the beach and the other of the many ponds around the resort, tell their own stories.


The resort is lovely, and the staff are as friendly as the prices are high. If you're wondering why I haven't blogged for so long, it's because Internet access here costs USD$20.

Per day.

Anyway, more to come in while - stories of pilots who forgot their flight numbers, of diving and sea turtles, of tornadoes and rainbows, and snorkling around the lagoon with a shoe in one hand trying to catch up with a German lady in a kayak.


avalon said…
How much did this trip of yours cost you? I wanna go too. (I love beaches and I don't dive - there can only be that many oddities like us).

And again, the hairy legs!!

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