"Let's see if we can enhance that ..."

Iffy's Eyes

A regular staple of movies and tv shows that involve technology in some way is the moment where someone looks at a photograph and says "What's that in the corner? Let's see if we can enhance that ...", and (after a few mouse clicks from a suitably geeky looking person) some hitherto hidden element of the photograph is miraculously revealed. The first time I remember seeing this trope was on Blade Runner, when Deckard discovers the snake scale, but you see it all the time on CSI.

It was this I had in mind when I suddenly realised that you could see my reflection in Iffy's eyes in this photograph. You can see it clearly in the close-up below, which I cropped and enhanced (ahem). You can see my forehead, the camera, and the papasan chair, as well as a bit of the room behind me.

Reflection in Iffy's Eyes

So yes. Gratuitous geek moment over.



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