Cutest Baby Ever On a Dive Boat

This, surely, must be the cutest baby ever seen on a dive boat:

cutest baby ever seen on a dive boat

She was on the dive trip with us for 3 days, and I've never met a baby so incredibly adorable and good-natured: if you can imagine, she was on a boat for 3 days, in the company of many strangers, loud noises and with all the rocking and swaying and engine rumblings, and she was smiling like that all the time. She never cried, or threw a tantrum, or indeed did anything but just gurgle and giggle at everyone. This is the kind of baby that makes you want to have kids =) Anyway, she was the apple of everyone's eye - I think the two Thai cooks on board fell in love with her, and she had no lack of volunteer babysitters. Hats off to the parents for bringing her on the trip, and thanks - cos I think she actually brought a little sunshine with her and made the trip better.


tscd said…
Great pictures! Looks like you had a great Christmas.

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