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"This was a triumph"

Green spot

Our poor feline friends

Craning up

Gandhi memorial

The light at the top of the canopy

Feeding time

Lion doorknocker


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Roses are Infra-Red

Sandpaper and Roses

My most popular photo

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about those dive photos ...

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Spider web

"The peasant river"


WOMAD 2007

Sushi bar philosophy

Really large pencils. And a wall

Return to Fort Canning

Recent Reading

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D.I.Y. Mask Repair


Stream of Consciousness: Clipper Tea

Running along a beach

All about Mac

This is how we spent May Day

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Macavity at rest

Macavity Fights


Number 4 (?)

Kids say the darndest things

Limited edition toilet rolls

Mannequin Murder Mystery

And then there were 6

Un Lun Dun

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Still building

Life in the rain


Iffy gets into bonsai