Forgetful is when you get home after work to realize you've left your Macbook Pro on your table. This leaves you without access to the 'net, the wider world, and that part of yourself (the blog, the photos,your World of Warcraft character) which is not located within the confines of your skull and 3 feet of personal space. (forgetful is also somehow misplacing the money you drew from the ATM, only realizing when the waitress comes with the bill, in a restaurant that does take credit cards)

The few times in recent years I've had to live a few days without Internet access have underscored how important the Web is now. Ten years ago I couldn't have dreamt of this, now I can't dream of living without it. Our distributed selves are less anchored in locality, and spread instead over a social network magnified by technology.

Thank god for my iPod Touch and it's wifi access. Touch typing on this is a chore, but at least I can still surf the web :)


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