In Memoriam Steve Jobs

In memoriam Steve Jobs:

It's safe to say we're a Mac household. Over the past ten years my wife and I have owned, and enjoyed, many Apple products. I heard an interviewee on BBC radio today point out that people develop an emotional connection with Mac products that they don't with other products: how very true. We've never thrown away a single Mac product, and most of them still work. I didn't think I would be so moved by the death of someone I didn't know, but then again, a bit of him was in everything Apple made.

Everything on this table is a Mac, and all but one were because of Steve Jobs (bonus: spot the one Mac that isn't the result of Apple)

Clockwise from top left: MacBook Pro circa 2007; iMac circa 2000; iMac G5 (2005?); iBook G4 circa 2004; iBook G3 circa 2002; Titanium Powerbook circa 2003ish; iPad; iPad 2; MacBook Pro 2010

Small devices in front row: original iPod circa 2002; four-button iPod; 3rd or 4th ten iPod; iPod Shuffle 2GB; iPod circa 2007; iPod touch original; iPod shuffle (second gen?); iPhone 4. Oh, and a magic mouse.

Thanks for making our lives a little better: you'll be missed.


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