"Let there be Blog ... and there was Blog ..."

... 3 Blogs in fact! T (who is terse) (and at large) has started his own blog ... D has started a blog ... and S has started her blog as well!
(reads like an 19th Century novel - d___d good read it is too, by Jove! To add to the whole drawing room Austeny sense of it all, you may wish to note that T is married to Y, and D to S, and I, WJ, am matrimonially en-blissed with K. hah)
I wonder if this could signal a new phase in interpersonal communications - a point where we communicate more by public broadcast via blog than by talking. Or sms-ing. Or that ancient, antiquated, archaic mode of emailing.

Right - it's off to read my friends' blogs - something to add to my daily required reading list

- although to be honest, I haven't the time recently. I normally scan through wired.com, slashdot, and reason.com the first thing I get to work, but the past few weeks the first thing I get to work ... I work. = ) No time to do my daily intellectual intake, and my collection of articles culled from the internet, started in the days when I was still coaching debates, languishes in a filing cabinet, un-updated for months.

I got into the habit of saving and printing articles off news and commentary sites as a means of keeping myself up to date - always thought they'd come in useful, and they recently paid back all the time I spent on them when I had to put together a piece of work, writing a sample test question, and a difficult task was made significantly tedious by being spared the need to trawl for source material - a quick search in my folder turned up two articles that did the trick nicely, and a saturday morning's work later, two questions based on them were drafted. The really tricky part was writing the d___d answer schemes. Good answer schemes are ten times more difficult to write than good questions, and good questions are very difficult to write indeed ...


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