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Iffy 2003-2022

Iffy was the sweetest cat. She was our second rescue: we were driving to dinner one day 19 years ago when we spotted a kitten by the side of the road. We stopped, and the kitten ran towards us, and we realised its eyes were gummed shut with mucus, and we knew that it would get run over sooner or later. So we canceled dinner plans and took her straight to the vet. Her first week with us was spent quarantined in our toilet, as we were afraid our cat Patch would catch something. Iffy spent that week meowing and insisting on being let out, though she quieted down when we had to give her eye drops and clean the mucus from her eyes. She seemed to understand and appreciate the care. In later years, whenever she felt scared, she would return to the toilet to hide, as it was the first safe place she remembered.  The first night we let her out after her one week quarantine, she climbed into the bed and fell asleep in my armpit. That was the one thing Iffy loved most of all: cuddling in bed with

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