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Patch, 2002-2018

Patch, our beloved first cat, and the reason why this blog is called "Thirty Pounces", passed away at 9.49pm, 4th of May 2018, in the company of her humans, my wife and and I. We did not chose Patch: she chose us. She appeared on our doorstep one morning in 2002. More precisely, a pile of cat poo appeared on our doormat, with a sheepish looking kitten off to one side. We said, any cat that can make it up 17 flights of stairs to poo on our doorstep is a cat that can stay with us. Patch was a kitten that had lost her family, and she chose us to be her new family. We thought we were taking her in, but in reality, she took us in. We didn’t realise it then, but when we took her in, we became cat people: it’s because of Patch that we took in Iffy, and Twinkle, and Macavity.
Since 2013, Patch has been struggling with diabetes and, more recently, kidney disease. We cared for her as best we could, and once again, she had lessons to teach us - lessons about resilience and not giving up,…

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