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A cat for the sun

Mac loved the sunlight: in our old place, he would find the smallest sliver of sun and bask in it. In our current house, we are fortunate to have an east facing balcony that gets plenty of sun, and Mac could indulge himself as much as he liked. I think of him as my cat in the sun: seeing him through the balcony doors in a pool of sunlight was like seeing through a door into summer. It gave me so much joy to see him sleeping in the sun. His simple pleasure at the warmth and light was infectious: no matter how bad a day you were having, seeing his orange fur in a golden pool of sunlight would make me forget my worries and I would, almost by osmosis, feel that same simple joy that he did. The last three days have dawned bright and beautiful, with golden yellow dawnings blending into blazing hot noontimes and mellow afternoons. Exactly the kind of weather Mac would have loved. I look up at the cat tree every morning, at the spot where he would have sat to watch the sunrise, and I miss seei

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