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"Yes you can, Yellow Coward"

A Tale of Two (or More) Doctors

'net blackout

Geeky Dive Watch Videos

Cutest Baby Ever On a Dive Boat

Arriving at the Phi Phi Islands

Serious about naptime

iMac Aquarium

Pseudo Mediterranean


Reading Eragon

"Let's see if we can enhance that ..."

Watching the shadow puppets

Sci Fi Book Meme

The Papasan Chair

Ceiling Lights


Strange things on a beach

We own the bed

Oh Frabjous Day!

Musical genre problems

Cat Little

This is just getting ridiculous

Immovable objects

1 less reason to die

Pluto (and something completely different)

Book Meme

A 20 year appointment

Shapes and Forms

big bird, little bird

Dive Trip

Heinlein on Singapore

They grow up so fast

Decay #4

Decay #3

Decay #2

Decay #1

Superman Returns




Street Stickers

Twinkle and the World Cup

Acrobats in the Shopping Mall

Bus Adventures

Maldives Part 5: Odds and Ends

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Maldives Part 3: Diving

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