More public than I thought

Interesting observation: as I was filling in the application form for Gmail, I came across the bit where they ask you to specify a backup question to ask, in case you forget your password. After 10 minutes of staring blankly at the screen, I came to the conclusion that I have no real secrets.

Almost every question I could think of with a unique and personal answer was also a piece of information which somebody close to me would know. Everything memorable, that would stick in my mind, was also something that someone out there would be able to guess. I went through questions about pets, vague allusions to childhood incidents, memorable events from the past, and odd personal perculiarities - and all of them had a possibility of at least one person I've known before guessing it.

Blogging, combined with the weekly postings of my wargames, has also severely limited the sphere of knowledge that is "secret" and personal to me - in effect, I'm much more public than I thought I was, which is more worrying than I thought it would be ...


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