Almost like a free gift

Bought myself a pair of Doc Martens yesterday evening, and was pleasantly surprised when the cashier told me that my credit card's bonus cash paid for the entire cost. Pleased as punch really - almost like a present! (the cloud lurking behind this silver lining is the thought of how much money I had to have spent previously on the card to accumulate so much bonus cash ... but let's think happy thoughts for the moment, eh?)

I still remember my first pair of DMs - bought for a princely sum of money before I left for university, on the advice of a friend who assured me that they were the best in the world, those boots more than paid for themselves in 5 years of sterling service in which they did everything from walking me to campus, to climbing me up 3 separate mountains, as well as several hikes along the Pembrokeshire coast, across strange and foreign lands like Turkey, Israel, and the wilds of Paris, and safely back to Singapore, before finally giving up the ghost. They still remain the single most expensive pair of shoes I've ever bought (I believe they were $250 in 1992) as well also the most value for money, by virtue of doing the most and surviving longest.


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