Re: Please Be Gentle With Me

Re: Please Be Gentle With Me

Dear Friday

I am writing this letter to request that you be gentle with me.  I have had quite a shitty week, and I really need at least one day which will not contain any of the following:

  • people demanding I be in two places at once, guaranteeing that at least one person will be pissed off with me 
  • people who don't listen to reason, but who make important decisions arbitrarily, which will invariably result in more shit falling on my poor head rather than theirs
  • people who won't do the right thing and correct these bad decisions, but take the path of least resistance, or refuse to admit mistakes in order to save face, and who will invariably blame someone else (ahem) when the shit hits the fan
  • people who, 6 months after an agreement was reached (and whom we paid good money to consult) suddenly decide to change their advice, requiring that we do frantic last minute re-working.  Actually, "we" is not accurate - more precisely, yours truly.
  • people who are generally shitty.  And poor specimens of humanity.
Will you be the day, Friday?  Will you give me a break, when Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have be callous, cold, and unkind?  I look forward eagerly to your reply.

Yours in hope,


Anonymous said…
Dear Sir

We at Msrs Wheaton, Dale and Browning have been engaged as legal council for the group collectively refered to as "Non Weekend Days". Our client is launching a class action against you for defamation and libel vis a vis your slanderous comments regarding the above groups treatment of you. "Non Weekend Days" have not singled you out for treatment that is "callous, cold, and unkind", and resent your statement to the contrary.

If you wish to avoid a potentially expensive court appearance you will immediately post an apology and credit Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday as not being anything other than totally impartial in their treatment of you.

Yours Faithfully

Msrs Wheaton, Dale and Browning
Barristers for Misunderstood Weekdays

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