Fun With A GPS

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K commented that I, like a little boy with a new toy, have taken the GPS everywhere with me these two days.

But of course: it is a new toy, and it's meant to be taken places! = ) She took this photograph of it after our short kite-flying session today. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, the GPS screen shows in exacting detail my torturous path running all over the field trying to get the kite aloft.

Kite-flying, of course, was tremendously fun: I've never flown a kite before in my life, so at 31, I finally got to do something new. (I remember reading a book about kites as a kid, and being able to recall in detail the various types of kites, but never having actually flown one). K's blog has a nice pic of the kite itself, an eagle-shaped kite that looked real enough for a sea-eagle (or was it a Brahminy Kite? - quite ironic if our kite were to be attacked by a Kite = ) to fly by for a look. He flew away after a while, probably convinced that this strange bird that kept diving into the ground was no threat.


Ondine said…
I think we should all organise a kite flying expedition to Marina South sometime. It should be fun. :)

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