Generally Pissy Saturday

One of the restrictions I put on myself is not to name names, or talk about work on this blog. Which makes it difficult to refer in all but the vaguest terms to those moments when something bad happens. Such as today. Suffice to say that at a somewhat public seminar where I was co-presenting, someone pulled a fast one on me, and left me, as they say, with my ass hanging out to dry. What was supposed to be an objective and neutral discussion was turned partisan, said person turning it into an "us" versus "them" situation, with moi as the target. I did not enjoy being the target board for criticism: I certainly did not like the tone that was taken, and especially after I thought we had established an understanding of how things were to be done. I have no issue with what was said - rather, I have issues with the way it was run, and with being left in the lurch.

Anyway, that aside, some Good Parts Survived of this day: the aircon repairman called to delay the afternooon appointment, allowing me to finally go to town and Get Present for Self. And, if you haven't figured it out by now, this was it.

(took some tinkering with it to set it up right, but several years of repeat lessons from reservists had some good effect at least - I was able to set it up with the correct map datum from memory)


SilverBullet said…
Hubby's got a Garmin too. We used to use it more frequently in the car but he uses the bitching betty device on his Ipaq more to navigate on trips now. The Garmin's now reserved for geocaching purposes only.
wahj said…
My cousin in law told me about geocaching: I checked out the website, and I'm quite tempted to try some of the sites in Singapore! My only complaint is that the co-ordinates are given in Lat and Long, whereas I'm more used to MGRs.

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