Iffy at Rest

iffy and toy 2
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
There isn't much of a reason for this post, except that I'm still playing around with putting pictures into my blog via Flickr.

This is Iffy, our second cat. This photo catches her in an unusually serene state - she normally alternates between being a quivering ball of kittenish energy*, pouncing on the bed, attacking imaginary goodness-knows-whatsits, and generally tearing around the room and infectious languid laziness, curled up asleep somewhere on the sofa, tv, or you. Irredeemably adorable, really ... = )

*They say domestication keeps animals in an extended state of adolescence, acting like junveniles towards the parent-figure of the human owner. I think that's true of Iffy. Quite an interesting theory - the two links above lead to articles about the domestication of cats and dogs, just in case you're looking for a more serious bent to this whole post besides me wanting to test photo posting. = )


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