Pre-reservists wrap-up

Today was spent trying to wrap things up at work since I'll be gone for reservists training tomorrow. I have this sickening feeling that no matter how much I've tried to make sure everything I'm in charge of (read: will be blamed for) is tied down, ship shape, and taken care of, something's will hit the proverbial fan and ... ah well. My colleagues commented that I've been fielding army related phone calls the past few days - fellow reservists, old buddies, people trying to find out what to bring to the route march.

Found out that an old friend of mine is suddenly OC of the next company, the previous one having gone overseas. Called me to talk about it, and ask for the loan of some planning aids. I don't envy the situation he's in. I've been OC of my company for 7 years now, and it's never been easy: he's just been thrown this out of the blue, and with such a major exercise coming up.

Just found out that my 16 klick route march tomorrow is going to be an 8 klick route march. In some ways, I'm actually disappointed and slightly offended: I've not marched less than 16km since Basic training - what are you trying to imply here, with this namby pamby 8 klick walk in the park? ...

... that I'm over thirty, perhaps? = )

The last time we did this (go back for a route march before an in-camp training) was in 1999, when I was a spritely 26 - a comfortable 16km to prepare us for our trip down under, quite manageable back then. Now, I feel a bit silly having went out and bought a new hydration pack to replace the one that my cats chewed on.


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