Taking things into their own paws ...

It's been more than a week since we changed the kitty litter - we normally change it once a week, on Sunday, but we've been putting it off these two days.

Well, guess who had a say about it this evening. We had left a bag of kitty litter on the dining table, and just before dinner, I stepped into the living room to see the bag ripped open, kitty litter scattered every where, powdery dust and little paw prints all over the table.

I think someone was trying to send us a message. For a brief moment, I felt like I was in one of those Sci-Fi horror movies.

Me: "They've ... they've evolved ... they've learned how to open the kitty litter bags themselves!"

Skeptical-Scientist-Dude-Stereotype: "That's not possible - they're just kittens!"


Me: "We've got to get out of here ... fast ..."

Anyway, I had a horrible Sunday - I actually missed a game because I was too sick. Headache, nausea, felt like puking. The doctor guessed it was gastric flu, and the medicine has kept it down so far. I slept the whole of Sunday and most of Monday to let it wear off. Felt better today, so I went to work even though I still had one day of MC. A colleague of mine told me she was resigning today, so a bunch of us took her out to lunch. Quite a sudden annoucment for me, though she had been thinking about it sometime. Even with one month's notice, given the leave she has to clear, her last day would be this Friday. Just like that, in less than a week she'll be gone. Sad to see another person go - last year 5 people left, of which 4 resigned outright and one left on attachment to NIE. Not counting the people who posted out, that makes quite an exodus, though the people who posted out went back to schools. It's sad to see people who were such good teachers (and I have no doubt they were) resign the service out of frustration, exhaustion or for so many other reasons. We're losing a lot of good people out there.


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