Balloon Man

Balloon Man, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Finally got back my negatives from the Eye the City event last year. They've also saved me the trouble of scanning, with a CD-ROM of the negatives. I'll be posting some of the few nicer photos from that day.

This one was taken around 7pm on 31st Dec 2003. The street performer had just put his head into the balloon, and the little girl was fascinated by this strange creature with the bubble head. It was a surreal moment, and I was lucky to have my last few frames left to shoot this.

None of my photos were selected this year, and in retrospect (having seen the selection) none of them met the criteria - a certain nostalgic, backward-looking sentimentality for the year gone past. Most of my photographs this year were consciously taken with a view towards moving away from that sentimentality, which I wasn't very comfortable with anymore. I tried for a more optimistic, quirky view of the times, and having seen the negatives in detail at last, I'm quite happy with the few shots where I managed to get a sense of this. (success rate is still very poor though: out of 36 shots, I only found 4 that I liked in the end)


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