Sunday, September 26, 2004

Booking Out

Anyone who's ever done National Service here knows what "booking out" and "booking in means". It's not so bad as a reservist - for one, I get to decide the book-out and book-in timings this time round (except when my CO makes a decision), and so I've managed to give my company the night off for the past few days, though we've had to fight hard to get things moving fast enough for us to book-out on time. Yesterday, for example, we had cancelled dinner (a step in the right direction) so the guys could leave earlier, but then the training programme was so packed that it wasn't till dinner-time that we could leave, and even then I had to convince both HQ and the trainers to stop the remaining training and resume on Monday.

I'm off to a nice dinner at Jerry's now - looking forward to something lamby and juicy after army food (which, admittedly, isn't at all bad now). I've spent most of this day just sleeping, enjoying my comfy bed, the peace and quiet of home, and not having people constantly asking me what to do.

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