Day off

Teacher's day holiday. Accomplished the following:

(1) Air-conditioning finally repaired. Is it colder now in the bedroom? We'll find out in a while - I've set the temperature to 16 degrees to see if it really gets cold.

Which makes me think about when I was studying in England, and 16 degrees would've seemed quite warm.

When it suddenly occurs to me that that was 10 years ago. Which makes me feel very old all of a sudden. Sudden urge to go and dig up old photo albums (the three years I spent in University being quite well-documented photographically, thanks to my trusty Minolta which died some time after) successfully resisted, for I have to continue this list.

(2) Had late breakfast/lunch at Thasevi's. Which accomplished nothing except allowing me to add another waypoint to my GPS. Which is good.

Which brings me to another aside. I decided to get rechargeable batteries since the GPS guzzles them fast. Initial run was disappointing: the first set did not last 4 hours, but the manual (yes, the batteries, like everything else, come with a manual now) did state that 3-4 complete cycles of charging and discharging would be needed to achieve maximum capacity, so I've charged them again and loaded them in.

Another thing I'm quite interested in is the figuring out the eTrex's performance in battery save mode. The manual indicates that in battery save mode the GPS receptor is intermittently turned on and off. What I want to know is how badly accuracy and tracking is affected. I've already noticed that in a vehicle travelling at speed, the GPS tends to lag when turns are made (as when exiting a highway) or when slowing down quickly - I suspect the GPS interpolates your course and attempts to predict in the absence of a firm connection. This has resulted in some very strange looking tracks when the GPS suddenly realises it's been wrong for the past 20 seconds - you're sitting still at a red light, and according to the GPS you're still doing 70km/h - and jumps shame-facedly to the correct co-ordinates. I suspect that at the speeds I will primarily be using the GPS for (hiking) this slight loss of accuracy won't matter: what will matter will be being able to go at least 24hrs on one set of batteries, which can only be accomplished in said mode.

Anyway, back to the list

(3) Caught up on sleep. Played with cats. This very important, this.

Did not fly my kite in the end.


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