Follow the white rabbit

Rabbit Bangkok
Originally uploaded by Wahj.

I took this photo in Bangkok last year - one of those incongruous moments when you're suddenly walking down the street and out of nowhere, there's a gigantic white rabbit just sitting there on the pavement.

I remember consciously trying to use the windows on the car to frame the rabbit's reflection, and my own, and being pleased about that: my only regret is that the light was not as bright as I would've liked for this shot. As it is, I've already processed it to brighten the red in the rabbit's eyes, to bring some emphasis to an otherwise uniformly dull (as far as contrast and light are concerned) picture.

(I sense the pendulum beginning to swing back towards photography, as far as my hobby-interests are concerned: I have two big hobbies - wargaming and photography - and I tend to bounce back and forth between them as far as time and money spent are concerned ... this feels like the beginning of a photo-intensive phase)


so when are we next going out to take some cool pics again?

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