Infra Red Photographs

Iffy by Infra Red 3
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
Took a bit of cut and pasting, but I finally managed to get two photos in one post.

One of the problems photographing cats (like Iffy here) is trying to get that oh-so-cute look they have with their pupils wide open. This is very hard to photograph - it has to be dark for their pupils to dilate so much, which means slow shutter speeds, and therefore often a blurred image (and low contrast to boot). I realised a few weeks ago that the answer was right in front of me: the nightshot mode on the Sony digicam shoots in infra-red, so the pupils don't constrict, and the shutter speeds remain reasonable. The only downside is a greenish cast to the photo, which I corrected in PixelEnhance by making it black and white.

Originally uploaded by Wahj.

The second photo is from the ruins of Beng Melea in Cambodia, this time with traditional infra red film (Kodak HIE). Very troublesome to work with (load and unload in complete darkness, temperature limitations, film window on camera back has to be sealed off), but worth it all for the surreal, glowing look.


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