Last minute Christmas gift shopping netted me a whole basket full of rather expensive aromatherapy soaps, shower gels, and balms, to be gleefully redistributed at Christmastime. I did, however, pamper myself a bit with some lip balm (in expectation of cold, dry climes in the near future) , and some frankincense balm. The side of the box proudly proclaims that frankincense (among other things) promotes feelings of calm, cures you of feeling sad, and drives out evil spirits. Sure, I'll buy that - I'm an easy consumer today. I could use some dispelling of sadness these days, and on the basis that what you believe invariably becomes true somehow, I should be walking around tomorrow in my own private olfactory nirvana. Besides, frankincense is so christmassy - I'd just have to get some myrhh to go along with it, and the smell-scape would be complete. No luck finding myrrh so far though.


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