the gift that keeps giving

The leftovers from our dinner at on Wednesday were finally polished off for brunch today. That's two whole days of meals derived from what the Dan Ryan's menu describes with great understatement as a "two-person set dinner". The soup and salad alone would've filled us (and we were hungry): the pasta and lamb we immediately asked to be packed, throwing in the towel (or the napkin, as it were). The brownie was an endurance test in chocolate.

The waiters looked rather surprised, either that we couldn't finish, or that we asked for the food to be packed for us - which makes me wonder what kind of clientele they have, who can polish off in one sitting a meal that looks like it has enough calories to feed a third world family. It makes you wonder about the culture of waste we've all bought into, when restaurants serve portions that no normal person could possibly finish, and which most people wouldn't bother to bring home as leftovers. We live in first world wealth, and yet still hold on to third world notions of largesse and prosperity as being defined by how much you can afford to waste and throw away.

In the meantime, I've gone and bought the Complete Idiot's Guide to Native American History. Not the best volume out there for in-depth study, but I decided not to invest money in the hefty (weight and price) encyclopaedias out there until I got a basic overview of the subject matter. Who knows - there may be a 28mm or 15mm army somewhere in there to be painted up ... = )


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