It's an odds and ends day again

At Terz' birthday last night (many happy returns!), with 15 people at a long table, conversation was balkanised into distinct enclaves, but there were some things that bridged all gaps.

Case in point: Terz' photos taken on a 22 Megapixel Hasselblad brought every male crowding round his Powerbook to gawk at the unwholesome amount of closeup detail a 22 megapixel, 140 megabyte photo could capture. Think pores, pimples. Think saliva, ulcers. Think every blemish, stain, and hair, in high resolution glory. Surely no one could endure such detail. Surely no model, however beautiful, could look like anything but a lunar landscape in flesh tones under such scrutiny. Surely, surely we have exceeded all reasonable limits - will not the gods of photography punish us for the hubris of daring to build a 22 megapixel camera, to capture in images those things never meant to be seen by unready eyes?

Extremely cool camera. Heh.


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