A night at the the Ritz

How often does someone turn to you and say "I have 3 spare rooms at the Ritz Carlton: do you want one?". K and I had to turn down that offer last night since we both had something on today, but we were most assuredly mentally kicking ourselves all the way home from G's wedding for passing up on a nights' stay at a posh establishment where the service staff have seemingly been trained to respond to every customer request with "my pleasure" (yes, it did get irritating after a while, but I'm sure that's a kind of irritation one can get used to). I'll leave the luckier others to blog about the Ritz then, and just post a photograph of the view from the Ritz Carlton.

ritz carlton
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Needless to say, the rooms had a fantastic view of the cityscape and skyline, with some spectacularly voyeuristic full windows in the bathroom (suffice to say that one should have one's bathrobe handy when getting out of the bathtub, lest the hotel opposite be treated to a viewing of the goods, as it were). Were I not so busy, I would've loved to have set up for some skyline shots in the daytime and at sunset. I've always maintained that it's better to be helping out at weddings, which can be interminably boring if all you're there to do is eat, and I still stand by that, but these traditional weddings which start at 7am in the morning are a bit of a strain on the system. Add to that the fact of a Sunday (as opposed to Saturday) wedding and the need to crawl out of bed to work the next day, and K and I were well and truly knackered by the time the evening wound down.

(We did manage one obligatory game of MoHAA at the Ritz, just so we could say "We played MoHAA ... at the Ritz-Carlton")

In related news, I've bought myself a new mousepad for gaming, and Homeworld 2. Still having some problems installing the game, but I note with amusement the ESRB content warning on the box side: rated T, violence, with the note "Game experience may change during online play". As in what? from "sucky" to "sucky with human interaction?" = )


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