The wife is away on a family visit, and I find myself strangely aimless. Spent the whole day in bed, not really knowing what to do with myself. I vaguely considered going to watch a movie, but gave it up as being too much hassle. The cats have nearly overwhelmed me, since there's only me to pay attention to them now.

I'll probably stay in bed and concentrate on finishing Herodotus. A surprisingly easy read: don't know why I never tried reading him before, especially with the spate of cheap editions that came out in the wake of The English Patient. The trick with Herodotus, I have found, is to remember that the greek word historia orginally meant an inquiry, and forget the modern meaning of history as something objective. Having said that, reading through his section on Scythia has given me some ideas for building up a 15mm Scythian army for my wargames collection ...


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