You know you're old when ...

... you're talking to one of the kids you're training in the debate team, and when that J.Geils song "My Angel is the Centrefold" (you know: na na nananana ... yeah: singalong) comes over the radio, and she tells you it sounds like S Club 7.

Anyway, the same debating team had their photoshoot by Terz yesterday, and I must say he did a fantastic job. The photographs I saw, even as yet unedited, brought out their personality, character - all the best bits of them on celluloid (well, pixels) - and made them look larger, better than life - which is what art is supposed to do, in a way.

I'm a bit zonked today from the (now regular) gaming last night. One of those nights where you sit down at the laptop at 8pm, and you lift your head up and it's midnight. Wesley joined us, and the group is reaching the critical mass where we can really play team matches properly. Great fun, and hilarious when we moved from MoHAA to UT, and Terz started imitating the computer voices - "DOUble-KILL" - "MEGa-KILL" - "ULtra-KILL" - "LUdicrous" etc. I laughed so hard I couldn't aim straight.


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