Cat Number 3

Cat 3, originally uploaded by Wahj.

This is the same kitten we blogged about in November, and who's been languishing in the pet shop for two months now. K and I finally decided to give her a proper home - with us.

She's a beautiful, incredibly friendly and gregarious cat, with no fear of humans (despite the lack of contact with them, having spent the past 2 months in her own cage - because the other cats were bullying her). She still needs to learn to watch her claws: she doesn't really realise that human flesh is considerably weaker than a cat's claws, and reaches out to paw regularly. She's limping in the right rear leg now - we're not sure whether she was like that from the start, or whether we clipped one of the claws too close to the quick when trimming the sharp edges off: with 3 cats in the house, it's important to regularly trim their claws so they don't get too sharp, given the potential for fights.

iffy sulks in a corner
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
K has already blogged about the other two cats' reactions, so I thought I'd illustrate what she was talking about. This is Iffy's reaction: after one long sniff, muzzle to muzzle with Cat Number 3, her tail all puffed up, she took to sulking in one corner, and hissing at all and sundry, even dear, sweet, scaredy-cat Patch, who seemed to be approaching her to comfort her.

patch watches warily
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
Patch decided to hide behind the table and watch warily from a distance. This, by the way, is Patch's standard reaction to anything new, along with "I'll hide under the bed", a maneuver which, she executes with great alacrity.

Right now, both cats have taken refuge in the bedroom with us, refusing to mix with Number 3 (maybe it's better for the time being, eh?), and Iffy is hissing at everyone and no one in particular.

Sigh. Children.


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