Cat Update

grudging acceptance, originally uploaded by Wahj.

Twinkle (the name that K and I have more or less settled on - though Tinkerbell and Buttercup are still possibilities that we discuss) has gained some degree of grudging acceptance from Patch, as you can see from the photograph. Iffy is still growling, hissing, and gurgling (yes: she makes that noise) a storm when Twinkle gets too near. Or within line of sight, actually.

bandaged leg
Originally uploaded by Wahj.
We took Twinkle to see the vet today, where she received the full treatment - ears cleaned out with Johnson's baby oil (huge amount of gunk in her ears), vaccinations, anti-tick and ear mite medication, and a bandage for her foot. The vet said it was most likely a sprain or muscle strain. She looks endearingly cute hopping about in her bandage.

Packrat and Ondine came over to see Twinkle just now, and she behaved admirably. The other two cats were grouchy rotten.


Ondine said…
And Packrat behaved quite admirably too, did not sneeze till we got to the car and did not rub his eyes till we got home. :)

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